Priority Praetore

Priority Protection

Our priority clients not only receive priority pick up and protection, but extended property overwatch to help keep your investments safe after you’re long gone.

-Evacuation within 1-24 hours

-Extended property overwatch & defense

-Bug out and investment storage

-Luxury transit options

-Much more…

Standard Praetore

Standard Protection

With slightly longer evacuation schedules, standard protection plans still include immediate digouts, 24/7 overwatch, and supply drops so you’ll always be safe and secure.

-Evacuation within 3-7 days

-Full overwatch

-Supply drops

-Air Defense

-Much more…

Praetore Neighborhood

Company / Neighborhood

15+ People minimum

Join together with those who live around you or provide protection to your employees with Praetore’s neighborhood and company plans.

-Standard Evacuation Schedule

-Centralized Pickups

-Supply Services

-Individuals or Families

-Much more…


Application Process

  1. Submit deposit and preferred contact email address. Due to the high cost of our services, this deposit ensures that applicants are qualified and able to afford the full amount of annual coverage.
  2. After deposit completion, we’ll get in-touch and schedule a time to discuss your needs, location, and schedule an on-site inspection of your home, office, and surrounding areas. This is done to map out landing zones and create a comprehensive action plan. The process is relatively quick and extremely protective of your privacy.
  3. Full cost breakdown will be provided after the inspection. Partial refunds are available to those who do not wish to complete registration and activate protection services.