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Paradise to Prison in 48 Hours

Surrounded by mountains, massive fault lines, lifeless deserts, and entirely dependent on water, food, and supply lines that stretch for hundreds of miles, Los Angeles is the last place you want to be in an emergency scenario. Store shelves will empty in just hours, and even if you’ve prepared, most other people won’t have anything. When they get hungry and thirsty, they’ll start looking. After a day or two, they’ll begin getting desperate. Within three or four days, violence will engulf the city – you and your family against everyone else.

Smoking Hills

Government Reports are Limited

While most local and federal departments cap LA death toll predictions at around 13,000 people, these calculations don’t take into account long-term disruptions of resources into the city. For example, while a large earthquake could kill that many people almost immediately, 100,000 or even a million more could die from starvation, thirst, and conflict after the “trigger event” is finished. Those that survive will have lived through hell. Why take the risk?

Praetore Los Angeles Aqueducts

A Fragile Water Supply

Reliant on sources hundreds of miles away (only 10% local), LA’s water supply crosses the largest fault lines in the US and is almost entirely sourced outside the city – meaning contamination or disruption could leave the entire LA metro area without water almost instantly. Power outages and broken lines could further prevent reserves from being distributed.

Praetore earthquake
Praetore EMP
Praetore Terrorism
Praetore Biological Threat
Praetore EMP
Praetore Food and Supplies

Only 2-3 Days of Food

Modern supply chains require frequent shipments of food to keep our store shelves full. With just 2-3 days of food inventory at local grocery stores, this means the city’s food supply could disappear just hours after panic buying starts. More people won’t react fast enough to stock up on supplies, and will start getting desperate as soon as hunger begins to set in.

Praetore earthquake
Praetore EMP
Praetore Civil Unrest
Praetore EMP
Praetore Desert

No Chance of Escape

Virtually every highway out of the city crosses major fault lines and mountain passes. Even if the bridges and roads are passible in an emergency, the shear amount of traffic trying to escape LA means you’re going nowhere fast. Once people start running out of gas, road blockages means it’ll be all but impossible to escape – except by foot or helicopter.

Praetore earthquake
Praetore EMP
Praetore Tsunami
Praetore Civil Unrest
Praetore EMP
Praetore Emergency Services

Help Isn’t Coming

In such an isolated area and with so many people, there’s simply not enough resources or manpower in the military or government to rescue everyone in the city. Furthermore, no one will be looking for you or your family, in particular. Families and neighborhoods will have to band together to survive – even then, the odds are against you.

Praetore earthquake
Praetore EMP
Praetore Tsunami
Praetore Civil Unrest
Praetore Terrorism
Praetore Biological Threat
Shake Potential Praetore

Cut Off From the Rest of the Country

As these government shake maps show, there’s simply not much safe land in the Los Angeles region. Nearly every major road and waterway cross huge fault lines, which means they could destroyed in just seconds once the shaking starts. Furthermore, the mountains surrounding the city are only crossed by a half dozen or so major roads, making escape by car difficult, if not impossible with millions of other people trying to escape.

Los Angeles
Praetore Elite

Wealthy Neighborhoods
– the First to Burn

Throughout the history of civil conflict, war, and natural disaster, only one thing is certain – wealthy areas are almost always targeted first. While you may feel safe and isolated during peacetime, once people get hungry they’ll search your neighborhood first.

Diversity is our Strength

High Diversity, Low Trust Communities

While often celebrated for the variety of food, the diversity of LA is also the primary source of the low trust, fractured community within the city. When civilized systems begin to breakdown, it won’t be long before the city resembles a war zone.

Praetore Law Enforcement

Police and Private Security Won’t Stick Around

With the city falling into chaos, police and private security forces will either refuse to engage or leave to look after their home and family. Whether it’s civil unrest like the LA riots in the 90’s or natural disasters like Katrina, the police are rarely close enough to help.

Praetore Tactical

FEMA Shelters
– Hell on Earth

If you’re “lucky” enough to be rescued by the government after a major disaster, then you’ll probably spend at least a few days in a FEMA shelter. Looking back at Katrina, these camps were filled with crime, rape, and murder – the last places you want to be.

Praetore Earthquake
Praetore Rescue

Once it happens, it’s already too late

Limited access and the sheer amount of people residing in LA means that it will take months, if not years to rebuild and resupply the city. It’s a danger hiding in plain sight, but one so large that no preparations by the government could possibly meet the demand for food, water, medicine, and rescue once an event has started. It will be days before the government mobilizes troops and supplies. Even longer for them to reach your neighborhood. Most importantly, no one will be out searching for you or your family. It could be months before you’re rescued – if ever.

Praetore Collapse

What Will Cause Collapse?

While there are many triggers for a city-wide disaster, we’ve listed some of the most likely threats below. While many are unlikely, together they represent a significant risk both today and into the future.

Praetore Traffic Killer
Earthquake LA Praetore

Earthquake – The “Big One” is Past Due

The San Andreas fault line is over 10 years past due for an enormous earthquake that will shake the entire west coast. When it hits, the entire city of LA will be cut off from the rest of the world, along with water, power, food, and medicine. With runways and roads cracked and unusable, the only way in or out will be by ship or helicopter.

Praetore Tsunami


From the Cascade fault to landslides in Hawaii, the threat of Tsunami in Los Angeles is generally an under estimated threat. If large enough, virtually the entire LA coast and basin could be flooded or washed away. With millions of people instantly displaced and emergency systems offline, rescue and supply missions will be vastly inadequate.

Praetore Power

EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse

While a direct nuclear attack is highly unlikely, detonation of a nuclear device in the atmosphere within a thousand miles of LA could destroy basically every electronic device in the city from the resulting EMP – from phones, cars, power generators, and more. With no food, water, transportation, or power, what would you do? Leave on foot?

Praetore Terrorism

Terrorism – Biological Attacks

An open water system and wide distribution network across the city means that a biological attack could effectively make all water in the city undrinkable. Within hours stores will be sold out. Within a day people will get thirsty and start looking for clean water wherever they can find it. It won’t be long before violent panic takes over LA streets.

Praetore Civil Unrest

Civil Unrest

As the 92′ LA riots have demonstrated, the diverse communities of LA are ripe for conflict and large scale unrest. Entire neighborhoods burned while police retreated. Only the action of armed resistors stopped the violence that threatened to engulf the entire city. Without your own private army, what choice do you have but flee?

Praetore Biohazard


In just the last decade we’ve seen dozens of potential epidemics leap onto the world stage. From mad cow disease and bird flu to ebola and the threat of the next great plague, living in a densely populated area means high exposure to new disease and biological agents. With a plague breaking out and millions fleeing, how do you escape?

Power Grid Failure

Power Grid Failure

The power grid in North America is extremely vulnerable to widespread failure and has been experiencing outages more and more frequently. With complete failure in LA, the water would stop flowing, food would rot, and the city would quickly descend into chaos. Even those with power generators or solar panels would still experience the shortages and conflict that follow.

Economic Collapse

Economic Collapse

A major economic downturn or currency collapse could result in immediate shortages and conflict in all areas of the city. Even the wealthy with large cash reserves won’t be able to use them, as bartering quickly becomes the primary way to trade and survive. Even if the government stepped in with assistance, it may be weeks before they can actually provide relief.

Racial Conflict

Racial Conflict

There is currently the highest level of racial tension in recent memory. Throughout human history, race and culture differences have served as conflict points between groups living in close proximity. Despite relative peace during prosperity, those differences can quickly escalate to war in the streets within just days – even in western countries that have not experienced open racial conflict before.

Supply Drop
Praetore Services

When Disaster Strikes,
Praetore is Your Lifeline

Whether it’s a massive earthquake, localized disaster, or riots moving towards your neighborhood, Praetore has teams and equipment ready to airlift you to safety and protect your assets. When everyone else in the city is panicking, you and your family will be a hundred miles away – safe, secure, and comfortable.

Praetore helicopter

Our Fleet

The areas surrounding LA will soon be home to over 12 helicopter units across 3 separate bases – all outside of fault zones and danger areas. Each team is led by military veterans with close quarters combat experience and high levels of training operating in city environments. In addition to our air support teams, each base will host dozens of ground support vehicles. A coastal facility for ship transfers is also being planned for launch in 2020. Explore our services in depth HERE.

Praetore Fleet
Praetore Operators

Our Operators

We’ve hired the best of ex-special forces and military personal, including Navy Seals, Delta, and Rangers. Located strategically around the Southwest, they’re always on standby to move in to neutralize threats, rescue your family, and get you to safety. Equipped with the latest gear and maintained through year-round training, they’re the most capable fighting force any private citizen can hire.

Shake Map Praetore

Global Coverage

Praetore members are covered in all the cities that we operate in. This means that you and your family are protected in North America’s most dangerous cities whenever you travel. It’s great peace of mind for those of us who realize just how dangerous the world can be.

Praetore Facilities


Located outside of the city and fault zones, each Praetore facility and heliport is built to withstand earthquakes, EMP, and other dangers while being fully self-sufficient. Even if the power goes out and the roads are impassible, we’ll still be fully operational and able to complete our missions.

Praetore Farms

Unlimited Food & Water

With farms across California, we grow enough food to support organic, fresh meat and vegetables year-round for all our clients. Monthly planting provides a constant supply of food throughout the year, so even when facing crisis-level price inflation, you’ll still have all you need in an emergency.

Rescue Available Wherever You Are

All Praetore clients get pocket-sized emergency responders and communication devices for their vehicles, purses, work, and home (all family members). During an emergency or disaster scenario, we’re able to activate them so we can find you, make sure that you’re save (rescue if necessary), and let you know that we’re coming to take you to safety.

Praetore Location Tracking
Emergency level 1

Level 1 – High Risk

High risk – city-wide panic or civil unrest may be imminent. No need for evacuation yet. Supplies may be necessary (i.e. water and food). Overwatch 24/7.

Threat Imminent

Level 2 – Emergency

Immediate risk. Be prepared for evacuation. Protection teams and preventative measures will be deployed. Overwatch 24/7.

Level 3 – Disaster

Imminent threat to life and property – evacuation highly recommended. All teams operational – search, combat, overwatch, evacuation, and supply.


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