Rescue & Protection

In danger? We’ll send a helicopter of highly-trained, ex-special forces operators to defend your life, family, & property.


When bridges have fallen or roads are blocked, our fleet is just minutes away to bring you to safety.

Supply Drops

Don’t want to leave? We’ll fly you food, water, ammunition, and fuel when traditional supply lines are down.


When seconds count, only your own skills and training can save you. Learn from the best, survive anything.

Rescue & Protection

Call in overwhelming force to secure your life, property, and community

When disaster strikes, it’s often quickly and without warning. In just seconds, earthquakes could collapse or severely damage the strongest buildings. In just minutes, peaceful protests can turn into riots that burn entire neighborhoods to the ground. Disrupted supply lines could cause an entire city to run out of food and water in just 1-2 days – pushing thousands, if not millions of desperate people out into the streets to grab whatever they can to survive. Most people are not prepared, and in the face of desperation, will get violent within days.

During any large scale crisis, there simply won’t be enough police officers, federal agents, or national guard soldiers to protect and supply everyone. Furthermore, no one will be specifically looking out for you. As we’ve seen again and again, support and protective forces often won’t even enter disaster zones until it’s too late – weeks or even months later. Even worse, history has shown us that police are often unwilling to confront civil unrest and violence in the streets. Whether it’s the LA riots or the recent Black Lives Matter protests, criminality went virtually unchallenged as entire neighborhoods and business districts were looted and burned to the ground. After Katrina, even under direct police and military supervision, criminals were free to commit rape and murder on an industrial level inside government owned FEMA facilities and the super-dome.

The simple fact is that no one will be looking out for you or your family. When civilized society falls, you are on your own. Public camps and rescue facilities won’t be setup for weeks, and when they’re finally ready, they’ll be the last place you or your family will want to be. Those that are not prepared won’t have a choice. By time disaster strikes it’s already too late.

Praetore Protection

Search and Rescue

Ensure the survival of you and your family no matter what happens. From home protection to rescue operations, you’ll have a unit tasked with finding, securing, and protecting you and/or your family. From rescue teams to dig you out of a collapsed building to armed tactical units to repel civil unrest, we’ll ensure your survival no matter where you happen to be when disaster strikes.

Repel Any Threat

From small groups of looters to massive riots and mobs, Praetore will allocate resources to repel threats of any size with overwhelming force.

Overwatch – Eyes in the Sky

Minutes after disaster strikes, we’ll have helicopters in the air to locate our clients and monitor the situation in real-time. This means that we’ll be able to act faster – before everyone else knows what’s coming.

Gov/Military Collaboration

Praetore works alongside both military and local police forces to coordinate efforts and handle every situation in the best way possible


Helicopter pickup and transport to safe zones and extraction points outside the city

The safest place to be in an emergency or catastrophic event is a thousand miles away. While the comforts and resources of civilization keep most people decently behaved (for the most part), things can rapidly devolve when even a bit of uncertainty or scarcity appears. Modern supply lines are extremely vulnerable and complex – restoring services and supply shipments into disaster areas can take weeks or even months. For this reason, in most disaster scenarios, immediate escape is the best choice – the sooner the better.

For this reason, Praetore has designed its services around helicopter units and facilities well outside of major metropolitan areas. We have the ability to pick you up from almost anywhere and transport you to secure, disaster hardened bases far away from the most dangerous areas. With additional vehicles, planes, and transportation options, we’re able to safely move you out of life-threatening situations and send you onward to long-term safe zones and livable areas.

Our facilities include high level security, months of food/water, housing/beds for short-term stays, and the ability to store valuables and other “bug-out” supplies that you may need if you’re forced to leave everything else behind. Each location is chosen for it’s resilience to natural and manmade disaster (i.e. outside of earthquake fault zones or major population centers), with advanced communication equipment, sustainable resources (food, water, energy) and multiple transportation options in and out.

Helicopter Evacuation

Airlift From Anywhere

When the bridges have crumbled and the roads are blocked with traffic, you’ll be flying high above it all – safe and secure – no matter where you happen to be.

Flexible Extraction Points

During your on-boarding process, we’ll map out the best pickup points near your home and office. If you happen to be away during an emergency or would like to change the pickup point, you can easily do so using our secure comms device (included in all kits).

Remote Safe Zones

After pickup you’ll be transported to a remote base outside of the city. After arriving, you’ll be transferred via plane or vehicle to the closest safe city or wherever you’d like to go.

First Responders

While local government services may take days or even weeks to arrive, we’ll be in the air within minutes – ready to provide supplies, medical help, evacuation, and protection.

Supply Drops

When retreat isn’t an option, we’ll make sure you’re well-supplied for the challenges ahead

For those that don’t want to leave their homes and neighborhoods behind, Praetore offers air-based supply-line infrastructure to make sure you have all you need after disaster strikes. Ideal for small communities or groups, each supply drop is airlifted to a nearby drop zone for pickup (anywhere clear of trees or obstructions).

With planned resupply missions once a week, we’ll load up a pallet of goods and deliver them to your doorstep. Need something special? Contact us via your secure comms device (given to all our clients) and we’ll make sure you get any specialty tools, medicine, spare parts, or almost anything else you need within a few days.

With large stores of supplies and storage locations chosen for their resilience and ease of access to conventional supply-lines, Praetore will keep you well-fed, hydrated, and ready for anything while you rebuilt your community, defend your property, and protect your way of life.

Supply Drops Praetore


Sustain yourself and your family with shipments of food and purified water delivered via helicopter. With food and supplies to last for months, you’ll be well situated until government help arrives.

Tools and Gear

Need some extra tools, equipment, or spare parts? Let us know and we’ll get you what you need to survive, thrive, and ride out the storm.


In civil unrest and chaotic situations, ammunition is the most valuable thing you can have. With millions of rounds stored at our locations around each city, we’ll keep you locked and loaded for months at a time (must pass background check, per state laws)

Training and Preparation

Preparation starts before disaster arrives – learn from the top defense, survival, and sustainability experts on the planet

Perhaps the most important skill in an emergency or disaster environment is your ability to think clearly and avoid panicking. While it’s much easier said than done, keeping a cool head and mind is almost entirely about your level of preparation and training. When you know exactly what to do and how to do it, you’ll be able to immediately take actions that very well could save your life, family, and community.

Throughout the year, Praetore brings in the world’s top experts on survival, combat, and self-sustaining practices to provide hands-on training in your community. Attend events as often as you’d like and build a step-by-step plan to maximize your chances of survival in the face of extreme threats.

Not only could these training sessions save your life, but they’re great ways to meet like-minded people in your neighborhood and have some fun while learning new skills. Bring friends, family members, or anyone else for a few hours of action and adventure.

Training Praetore

Hands-on Training

Join local and visiting professionals for exclusive events and training sessions in your community. Participate in simulations and training drills so you know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.

Survival Skills

Master the art of self-sufficiency and survival in both urban and rural environments. Ensure that no matter where you are or who you’re with, you’re able to thrive in the most adverse conditions.

Wealth/Bugout Vaults

Learn what you need to survive and preserve your wealth when you’re forced to leave almost everything behind. Build a bug-out bag and financial survival kits to be stored in our client vaults for quick access in an emergency.